NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea Addresses D-LMA Members At Annual Meeting

D-LMA president Jessica Lappin, New York Police Department Commissioner Dermot Shea and Brookfield Properties chair Ric Clark

On March 3, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea joined the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association (D-LMA) at its annual meeting, where he spoke about his vision and plans for the department, the importance of key partnerships and the privilege of leading “the safest large city” in America. 

“We’re very proud of that title, ‘the safest large city,’” Commissioner Shea told D-LMA members. “We know we didn’t do it alone.” 

Commissioner Shea highlighted the dedicated partnerships that make policing success possible, from partnerships with community organizations like the Downtown Alliance to smart collaborations with nurses, which have helped NYPD officers provide medical care to those in need. “Officers are coming out of training with tourniquets on their gun belt, naloxone for overdoses,” he said. “We have taken on that guardian role.” 

Expanding on that guardian role, Shea — who took office leading “New York’s Finest” in December 2019 — is launching one of his first new initiatives as commissioner this year: He’ll implement specially trained Youth Coordination Officers in every precinct across the city to help keep kids and teenagers out of the criminal justice system. These officers will work towards cementing partnerships with neighborhood services and be able to connect youngsters who are getting into trouble with a network of opportunities, from counseling to after school activities and internship programs. 

“If we do not get this right, we’ll be dealing with these kids for the next 30 years,” the Commissioner explained. “Think of that ripple effect … That’s where we’re taking neighborhood policing — we’re taking it to the next level.”

Before the Commissioner’s presentation, D-LMA president Jessica Lappin introduced Shea, praising his experience in strengthening neighborhoods through smart, data-driven policing, starting in 1991 with the 46th precinct in the Bronx. “Many of us remember those days, before the D-LMA or the Alliance existed when it wasn’t safe in New York City,” Lappin said. “But over the last three decades, reported crimes are down by nearly 80% in Lower Manhattan. We are so proud of our unique partnership with the NYPD.”

“We are in a good place as we come into 2020,” Shea added, noting that arrests across the city are down 50% over the past five years and stops are down 97%, while New York State’s incarceration population is the lowest it has been in decades. “We’ve been able to fight crime with a softer touch … We have regained a lot of trust.” 

The Board of Directors, led by Chair Ric Clark, also voted to elect new members to join the D-LMA’s board. Those elected were Arthur Adler of Sullivan & Cromwell, Anthony Cammarata, Jr., Andy Golubitsky of Macklowe Properties, and Ed Piccinich of S.L. Green. D-LMA also welcomed its new member company: Suffolk Construction.

The event was hosted by LMHQ.